Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Reason Why You Cant Generate Income Online

There is a reason why you cant generate a fairly good income online! You seen this ad online claiming that you can make a few thousand a day online. But since you didnt take the time and think about what it really takes to make money online, you are now holding hands with the other 3 million people with a 0 dollar cash flow.

Just because your friend or some online guru tells you that you can make alot of money online you automatically assume that its easy. Then all of a sudden you are going from site to site buying ebook after ebook expecting to figure out how to make a quick buck. Do you take the time to notice what all the big tymers have in common.


You are most likely putting time in on something you are not passionate about. It feels like extra hard work because you are involve in something you are not passionate in. The harder the work seems the more chances you will give up. When you are involved in activities within your passion it doesnt seem like work at all. Find your passion and you will see the difference in how well you work.

Not Enough Knowledge

Stay in your area of expertise! If you dont have the knowledge how will you generate the proper content. Others will most likely go to the person with the proper knowledge then someone who claims they know what they are talking about.

You pretty much get the point that im trying to make. Its pretty simple, no passion - No income. No knowledge - No income.

Good luck and stop looking for a quick buck!

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